God Only Knows

Brand: Volkswagen
Track: God Only Knows
Artist: Beach Boys
Agency: VCCP
Year: 2011

A perfect example of the kind of impact a brand can wield when using an iconic song with such universal resonance.

Orange in New York

Brand: Orange
Track: This Side Of The Blue
Artist: Joanna Newsom
Agency: Mother London
Year: 2004

This brought the quirky Californian singer, harpist and pianist to the attention of the UK mainstream.. and won an ANDY award for best use of existing music.

SMA meets Aphex Twin

Brand: SMA
Track: To Cure A Weakling Child Boy/Girl (Aphex Twin cover)
Artist: Adem
Agency: Publicis
Year: 2009

Just seeing Aphex Twin's name with this baby brand makes you blink twice. An absolutely gorgeous cover.

Diet Coke Just Wanna Make Love

Brand: Diet Coke
Track: I Just Wanna Make Love To You
Artist: Population feat. Jocelyn Brown
Agency: VCCP
Year: 2005

A pure classic.

Bardot meets Renault

Brand: Renault Laguna
Track: Moi Je Joue
Artist: Brigitte Bardot
Agency: Publicis
Year: 2003

A match made in heaven. The quintessentially French artist with a quintessentially French car. Infectious, fun and quirky in all the right ways.

Cow & Gate Supergroup

Brand: Cow & Gate
Track: Come On Eileen
Artist: Re-record
Agency: BETC
Year: 2012

Just plain adorable.

Lucozades’s Bathtime

Brand: Lucozade
Track: Bathtime In Clerkenwell
Artist: The Real Tuesday Weld
Agency: Ogilvy
Year: 2004

Fairly bonkers - which is why we love it.

DJ Shadow and O2

Brand: O2
Track: Blood On The Moterway
Artist: DJ Shadow
Agency: VCCP
Year: 2004

DJ Shadow changed the musical landscape for good with his innovative use of sampling and cutting edge electronica - it only made sense to team him up o2 for this poetic and thought provoking film.

Egg & Raymond Scott

Brand: Egg Credit Card
Track: tbc
Artist: Raymond Scott
Agency: Mother London
Year: 2007

We're massive Raymond Scott fans over here -  the godfather of electronic based music and a true visionary. A brave and engaging music choice from the agency for their eccentric concept.