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Free Youth - We Can Move

Re-issued by Soundway - originally self-released in 1985


If you were searching for that missing link between afro-funk and early NYC rap ... 

Ghana's very own Sugar Hill Gang.

Jim Ford - It's My Life

Re-issued on Bear Family records - recorded some time in late 60's - mid 70's

Jim Ford - point of no return.jpg

Blue-eyed country funk/soul from a restless spirit .. distilled in the Kentucky hills and aged by Hollywood excess.

Jim produced and wrote for some of the best ... Aretha Franklin, Bobby Womack, Sly and Family Stone... his own material tragically never got the attention it truly deserved..

Risque - Starlight

Originally released on Polydor - Netherlands - 1982

risque10 - 2.jpg

Think Abba floating through outer space on a cloud of candy floss searching for their next dreamy space invader...

A cosmic whirlwind of campness.

The Rationals - I Need You (The Kinks cover)

Taken from 'Think Rational!' album- orig. recorded 1965 - Ace records

The Rationals - image 1.jpg

Swaggering, testosterone-fuelled cover of a Kinks b-side..

From the ultimate shoulda-been-bigger garage rock band.... ask any record collecting fanatic.

Denial - California Dreaming (Mamas & Papas cover)

Taken from 'The Bedroom Tapes: A Compilation of Minimal Wave' - Minimal Wave records - orig. rec. 1982 

Bedroom Tapes.jpg

Ozzy synth band reduce 60's pop hit to the stark haunting dirge perhaps it was always meant to be..

The Psychedelic Aliens - We're Laughing

Taken from Psycho African Beat album - 1970 - reissued by Academy LPs

Psychedelic Aliens.jpg

We're smiling / We're laughing / We're smiling / We're laughing ...

Filthy Afro-funk bomb. (Do your thing)

Herbie Hancock - I Thought It Was You

From 'Directstep' LP - limited Japan release - Sony - 1979

Herbie with border.jpg

Super rare Herbie record showcasing vocoder skills that leave us in a state of frenzied adulation.

Joyce Heath - I Wouldn't Dream Of It

From 'Sky Girl' comp. on Efficient Space records - recorded some time in the early 60’s?

joyce heath - 3.jpg

A fawning fable drenched in open-hearted longing and bosom-heaving strings..

Happy Valentines.

James White & The Blacks - Contort Yourself (August Darnell remix)

From 'Life & Death On The New York Dance Floor' compilation - 1979

James White.jpg

Sweaty, spiky punk-disco-funk music from the Big Apple.

A glittering gem that no doubt galvanised LCD Soundsystem and others…

Kim Jung Mi - Haenim (Towards The Sunlight)

From the album 'Now' - Fontana Records - 1973

kimjungminow resie 2.jpg

Who needs a lyric translation when something's this achingly beautiful?

Draw dropping psyche folk from South Korea - with a hook that will lovingly run through your head for weeks and weeks ..

The Doves - I Shall Be Free

From the album 'I Seek To Know The World' - Clover Records - 1979

Doves 5.jpg

No, not the indie band from Cheshire but a blistering ray of joyous sunshine from Nigeria..

On that most basic human right we can so easily take for granted.

Little Ed & The Soundmasters - It's A Dream

Originally recorded some time in the late 60's - reissued by Numero

Little Ed 2.jpg

The prodigal 7 year old drummer and vocalist was recruited by his older brothers..

Quite how he invokes such a world weary outlook on a gripping infatuation remains a mystery.

Walter Gavitt Ferguson - Mother Love

Re-issued by Bongo Joe records - originally recorded some time in the late 70’s

Walter Gavitt Ferguson resize.jpg

'Rooted like an old tree on the Carribean shore..'

Utterly adorable home-recorded ditty, from the King of Calypso, dedicated to a mother's love.

Our favourite bit? The rooster chiming in at 0:33.

Billy Mitchel - Electronic Dance

Accompaniment to orig. soundtrack to Walkabout - 1971 - reissued by Roundtable records

Billy Mitchel -2.jpg

A swirling, whirling, exotic slice of mind-altering high-grade studio psyche… Including some vocal scat that frankly puts Scatman John to shame.

Shirley Nanette - All Of Your Life

Originally recorded in 1973 - re-issued on Truth & Light records

Shirley Nanette 3.jpg

They don’t build’em like this anymore.. A voice that comes down on you like a friendly hurricane.

Joe Meek & The Blue Men - I Hear A New World

Originally released on Triumph records - 1960

JOE_MEEK Album cover.jpg

Before the world was awash with pitched up/down vocals and digital trickery the Alchemist of Pop was pushing boundaries to intergalactic levels..

Beautifully bizarre..  and a tad unhinged.

The Sharks - You Made Me Warm

Originally released on Kentone Records - some time in the late 60's

the-sharks-you-made-me-warm- resize.jpg

From the seminal Kentone label.. transcending rock, soul, calypso to produce this beautiful acoustic slice of ska.  With icing.

Play outside.

Dur-Dur Band - Dooyo

Originally recorded in 1987 - re-issued by Awesome Tapes In Africa

Dur Dur 4.jpg

Previously unavailable outside Mogadishu -  buried in hiss ..  but imbued with a gritty ecstatic funk that cannot be denied.

Pure fire.

Pink Rhythm - Melodies Of Love

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Originally released on Beggars Banquet records - 1985

PinkRhythmresize2 with border.jpg


We had to check and double check this was indeed produced in 1985..  staggeringly fresh.

Chhoun Malay - Story Of My Love (Swan Lake cover)

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Reissued on Dust-To-Digital records. Orig. released some time in the 60's

Chhoun Malay 2 reszie 2.jpg

What would Tchaikovsky have made of it? Do we care?

A tiny snapshot of Cambodia's vibrant rock'n'roll scene.. before the Khmer Rouge wreaked their deadly havoc.